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{short description of image} Full Online Brochure

With over 25,000 visitors per month, Karate Tournament Central gets your full brochure in the hands of Interested Martial Artists! For a little as $21 per month you have an instant world wide web presence. (That's less than the cost of printing and distributing 100 brochures.) We even tell you how many times competitors have viewed your brochure.

Karate Tournament Central is highly ranked on the most popular internet search engines. Don't take our word for it, Click Here to see what happens when you search Google® for "Karate Tournaments". Try "Martial Arts Tournaments" and you get the same results... Karate Tournament Central is at the top of the list.
{short description of image} Call-Saver Service

Don't wait for your competitors to come to you, reach out and remind them that your event is coming up soon! For as little as 10¢ per phone call, we will call everyone on your telephone list and play your personally recorded invitation.
  • You pay NO long distance fees. (Available in US & Canada Only)
  • You record your message once and the rest is automatic.
  • Your phone lines are free to make and receive other calls.
{short description of image} TRAM - Tournament Registration and Management¹

Building your own interactive website that processes pre-registrations and accepts credit card payments is very expensive. By selecting this option you save all the headaches associated with getting your online registration application up and running. But, we don't stop there, TRAM is a complete management suite for managing your events:
  • Manage your divisions, rings, competitor, and results from a single system.
  • Basic system w/o Online Payments is 100% FREE.
  • Online Registration Form automatically calculates fees, and lets competitors pay online.
  • Online payment may be through Tsoft's Payment System, or your own TransFirst Merchant Account.
  • You receive an email each time a competitor registers and pays.
  • The Mobile Site lets you manage the event as it actually happens.
  • Get dozens of reports and forms, at the touch of a button, in PDF format.
  • For more information, Click Here!
{short description of image} Online Event Survey¹

After your event is over, you know how well it went from your side of the fence, but what do your competitors think? Did they enjoy the event? Do they have any suggestions? Will they be back next year? Karate Tournament Central's Event Surveys gives you the ability to question your competitor base on any topics you select and view the results dynamically as the responses accumulate.
  • Competitors answer simple multiple-choice questions that you create.
  • Results are available 24/7 and contain up to the minute results.
  • Participation is tied to Karate Tournament Central's registration process so individuals cannot skew the survey results by taking the survey dozens of times.
  • All you pay is a $9 per month in addition to you Full Listing Fees.
{short description of image} Banner Advertising

Want to highlight your event or some other martial arts related product you offer? Karate Tournament Central has a banner ad program that allows you to purchase ad space based on the number of times it will be viewed by site visitors. Many sites want you to pay a fixed amount to display your ad for a month. With this method, you don't usually get any guarantee of how often your ad is displayed. Karate Tournament Central Ads are priced per 1000 impressions. (1 Impression = 1 Display of your ad) When you purchase 1000 impressions, you know your banner will be displayed at least 1000 times. Click Here for More Information!

¹ The marked options are Not available without a Full Listing. These options may be added at any time, but once added, they must run concurrent with the listing and cannot be discontinued without discontinuing the associated listing.

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